Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Colors of Baguio

Let us all welcome THE Summer! This is my favorite part of the year because everything seems so exciting, the roadtrips, stopovers, food hunt, souvenirs, pasalubongs, and of course ADVENTURE! To start my summer posts, let me show you some of my photos taken in Baguio. Check this out!

These photos were taken at Court of Appeals, Baguio branch. Where we stayed for 5 days.

Our lunch, Inihaw na Bangus I bought outside.

Shots from Session Road after the Panagbenga Parade. TIP: the best day to stay in Baguio is after the parade, where you can see bunch of street shops!

Of course, the pasalubong. TIP: If you will go to Baguio, make sure you will travel light because for sure you will be so impulsive to buy ukay-ukays, sweet treats, fruits, and veggies!

Also, check my makukulit na pamangkin! :)

When I was a child I can say that Baguio is our family's vacation spot every year. But to tell you honestly, a lot of things changed in Baguio. The flowers along the streets are gone. The super foggy air is wiped out. Some of them says that it's a air-conditioned version of Manila. It saddens me lot. Hopefully the Baguio government will notice it and make a move. But the spirit of Baguio is still there, we just have to protect it and make it grow again! I will never give up this place as one of my favorite spot in the Philippines because it gives me a lot of happy memories. So long Baguio! ♥


  1. I want to go to Baguio!! Many people say it looks different now (a lot different) but I still want to go there and see it for myself. I love the strawberries ♥♥♥. P.S Awesomeroi looks super gwapo. Thanks for sharing your journey! Fun! Fun! Fun!

    1. Thank you Clara! Visit Baguio! It is never too late! Pack your things!