Friday, 4 July 2014

Ugong Rock Adventures | Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Our second day at Puerto Princesa, Palawan. When we our on our way to Underground River, our Tour guide ask us if we want to have a side trip to a cave along the way. Since we are so adventurous and "yes Man", we decided to go! 

Our first stop-over, we bought some drinks and chips.

On the second floor of the "stop-over shop". What a beautiful view!

Ugong Rock Adventures!

We met these two lovable European couple.

Saw this post before we start our climb.

The last stairs bore we reach the summit!

Finally, look at that view! <3

We took some pictures before we ended our day hike.

With our tour guide in the middle.
OH, That;s me! :)

Ugong Rock Tour is part of the side trip going to Underground River Tour. You better have some extra money for the Zipline. We weren't able to avail it because we don't have extra funds for it. But hey! We love the view going down! Try it! It's DARK! :)

That's All!