Wednesday, 20 February 2013

La Union

San Juan, La Union | My Perfect Beach Spot

 I'm with my friends who had a random overnight out-of-town trip.

And that's my skim-board! Yeah I know, I'm not a pro.

I've been playing for almost a year now, I must say hindi parin ako ganung kagaling :))
My friends tried it for the first time, Kita naman ang output. *SPLAKAK *WHOOSHHH
No Pain. No Gain DAW. Wahaha
(oh! btw ako yung naka-white short)

Finally! The SUNSET!!! ♥

Si Kuya Always. He's a popular vendor in San Juan.

Sino ba naman makakalimot na Uminom!! TEQUILA!! We also had a session at the beach shore, unfortunately walang photos because basagan ang peg dun LOL

Friday, 15 February 2013

Dinakdakan 2013

Dinakdakan is a Ilocano version of Sisig. 

But We've made a version of Inihaw na baboy with dinakdakan sauce mix (Suka, Sugar, Durog na Pepper, etc. etc. Aji no moto o Magic Sarap.)
Perfect na pulutan!! ♥
That's EAT!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Banoffee Pie

Guys! This is my first time to write a blog (Well honestly hindi ako magaling dito. Hahaha!) and this will be the first post, a Banoffee Pie.

Sorry for being a poser blogger (LOL), pero mahilig lang talaga ko magluto and I was encouraged by a friend to blog what I cook, so eto na nga. Ü

I got the ingredients from different online recipes and I alter some of it. Most of my ingredients can be seen in our kitchen (old stock na):


Graham Crackers


Brown Sugar 

Main Ingredients:

Banana (Of Course!)


BB Cream (joke! Nestle Cream)

Jelly Cream (:

Gelatin (Mr. Gulaman para mura)

Full Cream Milk (Milk Magic Cheapest again!)

All purpose Flour (kahit ung luma keri na)

Mixed Butter, Crushed Grahams, and Sugar. 

After mixing it, put it in the pan as a crust. Press using your own hands para cool

Oh di ba COOL Ü.

 Ilagay ang banana using Artist's discretion.

Add some Chocolate syrup and coffee para Cute. Pwede din some of your graham crust mix.

I skipped one step, Because I wasn.t able to take a picture of it. (Ung Jelly cream on top) Make a cream using gelatin mix, milk and flour kung anong style gusto niyo. LOL

look Guys, Ang cute nung design ko pero na bored ako so added more chocolate syrup...

So this is what it looks like, Mas boring. Pffft.

That's EAT! My own Banoffee Pie. KThanksBye.