Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Kuebang Lampas | Pagbilao, Quezon

My friend and I planned a random trip going to this place we just saw in different blogs, Lukang Beach! It is also known as Kwebang Lampas. "Lukang" is a surname of the previous owner of the island.

How to get there:
1.) Ride a bus Lucena lines going to Lucena Grand Terminal
2.) From there, we managed to rent a jeepney going to Pagbilao, Quezon. We rented the jeepney back and forth.
3.) The jeepney we rented directed us to a mini-port where we willl take a short 5 minute boat ride.

And this is what you will discover. :)

Took some pictures while paying for our boat fare and entrance fee.

 Here's the boat ride! Our destination is on the other side of the river. (Yung puro halaman dun)

 I was really amazed of what I just saw after leaving the boat and had a little walk, this stunning view!

 We captured some photos in this area before continuing walking.

 After taking some few shots, we continue our hike going to the cave.

 Finally! We're here!

 That's the Kuebang Lampas

 We started swimming!

 With our fellow campers.

 As you can see, there's a small sari-sari store at the area. Of course, the prices are higher than we thought.

 Many fishing boats at the area.

 We started taking some photos!

 We found a fisherman selling this for 150 pesos, sari-saring isda. We decided to grill it for our lunch.

 This beautiful place deserves more selfies! LOL

 The next day before going home we stopped somewhere and took some photos.

 While we were waiting for boat to arrive, we played some games. I miss my childhood!


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