Friday, 3 January 2014

Sudden Tagaytay Trip

Let me take you to Tagaytay for a while and experience sudden crave for travel. I went with a friend to fill the inner need of wanderlust mode. That was my first time to go in that place without any plans, just to relax and have some food trip! :)

First, I would like to introduce this amazing food that I discovered in Tagaytay. It was originally created in La Tierrez and they are the ONLY one who has it in Tagaytay. Actually, I'm in love with their place. I also love Ate rose and Ate Julie (The Owners)! They are so accommodating and funny! I will post another blog for the place. To continue..

We took a walk and visit the Starbucks Tagaytay and ordered some blended coffee. Imagine the weather with these drinks, we can't even talk because of the wind! My friend got colds and fever after that. Hahahaha!

Our view while having some freakin' blended drinks. After that we went to 711, bought some drinks and go back to La Tierrez.

OH BULALO! While in Tagaytay bulalo is the best food to eat! (Of course I know that's sisig) Ung nasa likod!

Some random flowers along the road while we had our walk.

And this!! What I love in Tagaytay is that they have a lot of fruits to offer. Imagine you can buy one big pineapple in just 25pesos! A huge watermelon for 50-60pesos! and a lot more! IMAGINE!

All I can say is I will never get tired of going back to this place. One ride from Manila for just 1 hour. Choosy pa ba? 

That's EAT! :)

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