Monday, 18 March 2013

Lutong Batangas | Tanauan Batangas

Town Fiesta (Batangas Style). Have a look!

Since we arrived there too late, we just prepared some of the stuff we need for tomorrow's cooking show. LOL

Mustard  for our homemade Mayonnaise!!

Well, Me and my friend Maan ang nakatoka for whipping the eggs! 

OH! There you go! that was me WHIPPING some eggs! wahaha! Lumaki Biceps ko dyan Damn! :))

One of my friend was the one who debone the chickem for Cordon Bleu. Hard stuff for me because compare to them ako lang ang hindi Culinary Arts Graduate (Yes! All of them are Culinary Arts Graduate, ako lang hindi.)

 After preparing some of the stuff we need, we started drinking. :))



Have a look in our cooking place (THE GARAGE!)

For the Chicken stock. :)

Marinated the Chicken for Pininyahang Manok.

And now, The Cordon Bleu!!

I had a hard time putting breadings to it! Sorry. LOL

Frying time!

Meanwhile, Adobo in another pan.

Chicken Stock and Béchamel sauce in the 3rd Stove.

First Batch! Chicken Lollipops. Yum! yum!!

Prepared some side salads after cooking.

Oh! the Dinuguan they ordered! Grrrrr!!!
After finishing the cooking show we started to chill. Bought some peanuts, tour around the backyard and outside the town.

That's EAT! :)