Saturday, 9 March 2013

My Childhood Place | Aringay, La Union

I'm going to tour you to our place in Aringay, La Union, Where I've had my epic childhood memories! 

Enjoy! :)

A very nice view going to our place!

Chilling! Ohhhh!!! That feeling that you forget everything about urban f*cking life.

Wild flowers. :)

 Pogi is the name. (for real!)

 That's Manang Letty (Our Caretaker) who helped us picked some mangoes for lunch. yum. yum!!

Taddah!!!!!! Overflowing Indian Mangoes!!

Grabbed some Kamias for Seafood Sinigang.

Cute piglets of our caretaker (Manang Letty).

Harvested some eggs. Again, for lunch!!

Eto, eto, ang umuubos ng sisiw ng lolo ko. tsk! He became adobo afterwards. LOL

 We call this Tapayan, Where they placed the sugarcane juice to become a Sukang Iloko.

Meet my sister and my beautiful Mother. 
So, we started cooking....


Squids and Milk fish for inihaw!

Daing na Bangus for Tomorrow's Breakfast!

Sinigang na Bangus!

My harvested egg a while ago.

Sasawan ala Roi

Mixed Sinigang na Seafood (Bangus at Hipon).

Halabos ng Biya

Fiesta ang peg. hehehe
After lunch, we rushed to the BEACH!!!!!

That's EAT for now, More post to come about La Union! :)

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